December 16, 2010

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Ask the Ref: Who deserves the red card in this play?

7 Dec, 2010

Below is a video clip from a second round game in the NCAA Men's Division I tournament between UC Santa Barbara and Cal. First watch the video, and decide for yourself what the punishments for each players should have been.

The player in blue - UCSB's Luis Silva - goes in for a reckless two-footed tackle and misses the ball. He then slide tackles Cal's Servando Carrasco in what appears to be a hard, but clean tackle. Immediately after, Carrasco shoves Silva to the ground by his face. As a referee, what would you have done? Let us know in the comment section below.

The referee in this game gave Silva a red card, which could have been for the initial tackle. He then gave Carrasco, who shoved Silva in retaliation and hit him in the face, a yellow card. Fair or not fair? If you give Silva a red card, the violent retaliation should also be given a red.

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Instead, UCSB played with only ten men from the 25th minute on. To their credit, UCSB took the match to overtime, but Cal prevailed in the waning seconds of the first overtime period with a golden goal. The win sent them on in the NCAA tournament where they beat Brown 2-0 and lost to Akron in the quarterfinals in penalty kicks.

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