August 23, 2011

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Report: Borislow, WPS moving closer to reconciliation as court hearing is delayed

9 Aug, 2011

Dan Borislow says he's willing to drop his lawsuit against Women's Professional Soccer and work out his long-running issues with the league, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported on Monday.

Borislow, the controversial owner of magicJack, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based WPS club formerly known as the Washington Freedom, recently filed an injunction in the local courts system seeking to prevent the league from shutting down his team, claiming that WPS wanted to terminate magicJack in midseason due to several feuds over his running of the club.

The league denied this accusation, but did strongly hint that Borislow and/or magicJack could be terminated at the end of the current season due to the club's failure to follow league standards and policies.

While both sides' strident stances gave the impression that reconciliation would be virtually impossible, a Monday court hearing has been postponed and Sun-Sentinel reporter Craig Davis quoted Borislow and WPS attorney Pamela Fulmer making remarks that offer hope of a more positive conclusion.

"I think the tone is that they're interested in working this out and improving the league from here," Borislow told Davis. "Hopefully it will come full circle and everybody will recognize the benefits of what this team has done for the league this year, and it will get much better from here."

Monday's Sun-Sentinel article also confirmed previous reports that 100 percent of magicJack's 2011 gameday revenues go to venue host Florida Atlantic University -- a profit of about $30,000 per game.

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