February 15, 2011

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Fulham boss says Clint Dempsey is not for sale, to Liverpool or anyone

11 Dec, 2010

Fulham leading score and American ace Clint Dempsey's name has been bubbling around the English tabloids as a likely player to be sold to a bigger club during the upcoming January transfer window in Europe. With his old Fulham coach Roy Hodgson now in charge at Liverpool, one rumor has the the Reds' American owner offering nearly $15 million for the Texas native as a transfer fee. While a major transfer within the EPL to one of the "big four" would be a first for an American player, Dempsey's current coach at Fulham insists it's not going to happen.

Posturing in order to get a higher bid? Maybe. But with Fulham already in a relegation battle, and Dempsey experienced in such fights, no transfer fee may be worth the risk of dropping out of the EPL.

It's certainly fun for American fans to speculate however, and to imagine an American player finally in a starting role at one of the biggest clubs in the world. If it doesn't happen this winter, as long as Dempsey stays healthy and continues to improve, he seems most likely - outside of Landon Donvan - to be the one who achieves that status. Fear not American soccer, errr football fans. Your time is coming.

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