May 22, 2011

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Woitalla: Stories from the stars about their youth soccer days

13 Apr, 2011

Mike Woitalla recounts some of the more enjoyable parts of interviewing stars - hearing anecdotes from their youth soccer days. Woitalla shares stories from MLS stars such as David Ferreira, Fredy Montero, Dwayne De Rosario, CJ Sapont and Perry Kitchen.

The youth soccer memory that is, perhaps, the most enlightening for youth parents and coaches today comes from Chicago Fire captain Logan Pause. He spent his teen years with Carolina United, coached by Elmar Bolowich.

“I didn’t win a state cup once,” Pause said, “but we had a fantastic training environment and a lot of guys developed in that and took it to the next level. Those years were really when I put a lot of energy and focus into developing my game, and Elmar was a big part of it. We were probably one of the most talented teams never to win a thing, but six, seven guys went on to play collegiate Division I ball.”

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