March 18, 2011

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South American U20 Championships TV Schedule

1 Feb, 2011

If you’re wondering how our elite youth players are stacking up to the rest of the world, or maybe you just want a preview of this summer’s Under-20 World Cup in Columbia, why not take in some of the South American Under-20 Championships on TV over the next two weeks.

The Championship going on right now in Peru. Here is the schedule and TV times/channels as we’ve been able to piece together, and we’ll keep an eye on things in case any more TV is planned. We’ll update our Soccer on TV listings and update our Facebook page if any changes occur.

2/3/11 7:00 pm Uruguay v Ecuador, no TV
2/3/11 - Chile v Argentina, no TV
2/3/11 - Brazil v Colombia, no TV
2/6/11 7:00 pm Uruguay v Chile, ESPN Deportes
2/6/11 - Ecuador v Columbia, no TV
2/6/11 9:00 pm Argentina v Brazil, ESPN Deportes
2/9/11 7:00 pm Colombia v Chile, ESPN Deportes
2/9/11 9:00 pm Uruguay v Argentina, ESPN Deportes
2/9/11 4:30 pm Ecuador v Brazil, ESPN Deportes
2/12/11 4:30 pm Columbia v Argentina, ESPN Deportes
2/12/11 7:00 pm Ecuador v Chile, ESPN Deportes
2/12/11 9:00 pm Uruguay v Brazil, ESPN Deportes

Click here for the Competition’s previous game scores and full schedule.

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